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January 25th | FRIDAY NIGHT!

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– Little Nikki’s Radio –


Little Nikki’s Radio is a high energy New Jersey based cover band known for their diverse range in music. Comprised of a mix of well respected and seasoned professionals, the band delivers a great night of fun and dancing, leaving the crowd with nothing short of fond memories. In Little Nikki’s Radio’s live show favorites, you will hear a mix of fist pumping anthems, along with some more intimate classics. Upon hearing the band for the first time, they will rock your eardrums. Their unique mix makes them stand out in an industry teeming with follow-the-latest-trend bands. Everyone in the crowd is guaranteed to hear a tune that gets their feet moving. 

January 26th | SATURDAY NIGHT!

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– Billy Monroe and the Soul Survivors –


Billy Monroe and the Soul Survivors, an all star band comprised of NJ Rock Royalty and fronted by the one and only Billy Monroe, truly brings back the era of musical excellence and showmanship.

Monroe, best known for his high energy performances gained local fame back in the 70 & 80’s with his legendary glam rock band Monroe. After being coaxed out of self imposed musical retirement, Monroe has proven he hasn’t lost an ounce of his Jagger swagger or his Tyler style and edge.

Serving up the best of The Stones, Bowie, Aerosmith, Slade, UFO, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, just to name a few, Billy Monroe and the Soul Survivors truly packs a punch & delivers real, raw, in your face rock n roll.
See for yourself why this supergroup plays to jam packed venues and leaves fans exhilarated and anxiously waiting for their next live performance.